Half Birthday

by The Tin Can Collective

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Recorded live, 3 of us playing in a room. No click track, no bullshit. 


released December 13, 2014

John Warren played the drums, the guitar and sang the vocals.
Ken Russo played the bass.
Jess Warren played the guitar and sang the vocals too.
Produced by the Tin Can Collective and Ian Karavas
Ian Karavas at Jam Eater Studios recorded and mixed the songs.
Mike Longo at Lazy Sunday Records mastered the songs.



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The Tin Can Collective New York, New York

We are
John Warren
Jess Warren
Mike Costa
Ken Russo

Let us play in your basement.

We would love to hear from you!
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Track Name: How Low
I've been just hanging around, waiting and waiting for something to happen. And one by one everyone I know will move into the city. I wanna meet you by the tall buildings but I can't afford the train ride. My sadness is self-absorbed. I have been drowning in that same blue sink for years. On your birthday I'm too upset to even pick up the telephone. I complain that I'm alone. I've been in love with my illness for far too long. Hello, hello, it's me and I'm feeling far away again. Hello, hello, how low can you go? I sink with you in a red wine ocean. I drink with you when no one else is around. No one will see the distortion you see when you stand in the mirror and wish you were somebody else.  You know I get lonely babe, how low can you go? I call you and say hey how low can you go?
Track Name: Still Waiting
Pull over to the side and let go. It didn't really mean that much to me. It was just my excuse for saying so. Cigarette stained mumbling means nothing. Still I keep making excuses. It's the same bitter bite as the ice on the window pane, your flannel shirt charade, your solo cup of wine, your ambiguity, my attempt not to try when I'm talking to you and I'm pretty sure you're drunk too. I don't remember what you said, I'm too busy watching your lips while you speak. I think it's the weather that's got me feeling so down. I can't stand myself when you don't come when I call. It's a sea change. It's the seasons change. It's a secret in your dirty apartment. Why am I still waiting for something to happen? Nothing will happen.